Perspectives on Twitter


I took the opportunity to conduct a series of interviews at the first Sydney Twitter Undergound Brigade meetup last night. What makes users Twitter (or ‘tweet’ in proper vernacular), how does it intertwine with the Twitterati’s other modes of communication, and is it inherently a new (ambient) quality of getting to know someone? Or, as Carrie Bradshaw might ponder: “Are we just a tweet away from falling in love?”

Not surprisingly, all interviewees were passionate about sending their 140-character-sized messages and painted a bright future for private as well as commercial uses of Twitter: Marketers and brands simply have to learn how to tap into their consumers’ constant streams of state.

Dave King of our own St Edmonds Lab hypothesizes in our cab ride to Darling Harbour that Twitter circles have a strong propensity to overlap with existing social circles, those that have mostly grown out of vicinity and physical locality (oh – and listen for the near car crash at 1:07!).
Download MP3 (2.3M)

Nick Hack of Shifted Pixels imagines casual group gatherings that are instigated and organized through Twitter bursts.
Download MP3 (1.8M)

Cathy Edwards of the Telstra Chief Technology Office points to the corporate dimension of Twitter: Maintaining and deepening business relationships via en-passant exchanges of messages.
Download MP3 (2.5M)

Ian Grant of Sound Alliance sees worldwide fan circles spontaneously forming around live gigs, bands and music minutiae.
Download MP3 (1.9M)

David Whittle of Mark finally wraps it up by evaluating the true data amassed through Twitter. He envisions that the constant messages about state will allow marketing to become more of a service to people.
Download MP3 (3.7M)

Thank you to all participants for voicing their opinions freely and eloquently and apologies to Nick Hodge of Microsoft whose most interesting contribution at the end of the evening failed to record due to my iPod running out of juice.

Tim Buesing of NetX/St Edmonds Lab

(sidenote: Fred Wilson’s Union Square Ventures has just announced it’s investing in Twitter. Interesting quote from his post: “As we stated when we made our investment in Delicious, The question everyone asks is “What is the business model?” To be completely and totally honest, we don’t yet know.“)


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