Bourne Ultimatum: too close for comfort? Post-It notes as ads

In order to raise awareness for the movie and Google/UniversalPictures’ game “Search For Bourne” in particular, NetX embarked on a special agent’s mission: Placing Post-It notes with a mysterious message from Bourne on objects and unsuspecting commuters in Sydney’s inner-city.
The person discovering the note reads “I am closer than you think. Bourne”, and being intrigued, turns it over to find the URL

Post-it note on mascot

Watch the documentation below and see some stills here. Download the video directly here.


2 responses to “Bourne Ultimatum: too close for comfort? Post-It notes as ads

  1. Did anyone “catch you” in the act of putting the post-it notes around? Would be interesting to see what sort of feedback/response you got from the public…

  2. CityRail busted the filming as you can see in the video but they didnt quite realize what we were doing. None of the people we tagged did notice.

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