Living in Mel-BOURNE for one day – the Matt Damon visit

As we anticipate the opening of “Bourne Ultimatum” (August 30), the official visit of Matt Damon in Australia two weeks ago gave us the opportunity to sneak in a small idea. Australia is the only country in the world that has a metropolis with the word Bourne in it. So Melbourne honours the Hollywood star with all the city officials pronouncing the name of their own city MelBOURNE. For one day only, of course. Newly sworn-in Victorian premier John Brumbie makes a start when welcoming Matt Damon on the steps of State Parliament.

Catch their banter on SunHerald’s coverage of Matt’s visit here.


3 responses to “Living in Mel-BOURNE for one day – the Matt Damon visit

  1. Next time, Tim, don’t trust Brumby’s um.. charisma to carry off an idea.

  2. Timb, just because your idea has brushed with celebrity doesn’t mean you are ‘tight’ enough with him to simply call him Matt.

  3. typographic wordplays with city names usually generates a positive rapport – i wonder how many opportunities will be waiting in the future in this theme… the savvy writer could pre-empt this by finding a few common letters among many cities around the world – and tying it into the Next Big Spy/Puzzle Movie, but the idea of tying in advertising at such an early stage of a film (or products) development surely isn’t a new one.

    my favourite, still, is the “that’s me!bourne” campaign.. does anyone know any other examples? It seems i’m getting sidetracked into city branding – but here is an interesting read for the non-discouraged reader.

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