Application Deficit Syndrome – or how many facebooks apps are enough?

Now facebook apps are all the rage…with the clients. Via the back door of junior marketing people (who are entrenched in the social media scene), many marketing departments ask agencies like NetX to bring home the bacon. Namely, deliver a lasting engagement of users with their brand, product or campaign … inside their own social circles. While the entry barrier of using the f8 developer platform is set quite low, we simultaneously compete for limited real estate and user’s capacity and need for more apps.

Will users stop experimenting and even reduce the number of apps in order to slim down and have a better experience with their favourites?
In other words: will the majority of facebookers be getting a facial?

Getting a facial on my facebook page? About time...
Parts of collage by fczuardi under CC (fczuardi photostream on flickr)


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