Honey, I shrunk the website – Google gadget ad debuts in Australia

Update: coverage of the launch in B&T here

Online display ads in their current shapes have been with us for a while so it is always refreshing to see a new format appearing. This one provides a more complex and richer experience. It also delivers much more (dynamic) content in one place. And by this I mean more than the over-the-page, expanding leader board, mini game or video placement with dynamic text. While those executions already allow richer interactions than the traditional banners, they are still asking users to leave the page in order to follow up with their interest. That result of click through is how banners are priced and measured. But by demanding a click-through users feel a conflict: do I feel compelled enough by the ad to interrupt what I am currently doing?

Now they don’t have to feel that pain anymore. To up the ante on display ads, Google allows their format Gadget Ad to behave like a micro site (not new). And after introducing them in the US, UK and Germany, they can now be seen in Australia and be shared on personal blogs, iGoogle, or sent around (now that is new). Have a look via CNBC report. This opens the door to affiliate marketing models by allowing users to participate in the revenue stream through impressions, interactions and transactions .

The Google Gadget ad allows useful applications incorporating data feeds, maps, images, audio, video, Flash, HTML or JavaScript in a single creative.
Users can post and share the gadget ads anywhere.
Full Interaction Reporting
Site-by-site interaction reports tracking multiple actions are possible.

Gadget Ad on an iGoogle home page

As an “industry first” in Australia, NetX has produced a complex mini site in the format of the Google gadget. The current international Gilette Champions campaign website features videos, quotes and downloads by the global sport superstars Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry and Roger Federer. All of this content was shrunk to 300×250 pixel (all other AdSense sizes are possible as well though) thereby allowing users to interact with exclusive content of their heroes without leaving the page.


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