Big bold predictions for 2008

NetX has opinions on the coming digital developments. Some are about strategy, some about technology, some are about our mothers. If you want to read up on how the next year pans out, look no further than this post. To mimic the style of Twitter, one of the most talked-about micro-blogging tools of 2007, we limited the predictions to 140 characters each.

Twitter network visualization
Twitter network visualization by Nimages DR

Context aware mobile communication in ad-hoc environments filter into our lives. Coupled with SNT’s = a powerful form of real time marketing.
2008 will be the beginning of the end of the predominance of email. It will be replaced by social network messaging on mobile devices.
Facebook will be released in hardback. Yahoo! will calm down. There will be a worldwide pixel shortage.
The world will end in one giant POKE!
Al qaeda takes over facebook followed by myspace, forcing the internet to cease all social networking sites.
The US will have its first female president. Web 3.0 will become a cliché. I will give too much of my money to Apple, IKEA & Threadless.
I predict there will be no more mobile phones. Just iphones.
Expect the social networking bubble to burst. Data rates continue to cripple true mobile internet in OZ. My mum will finally “get” email.
Facebook gains its own consciousness and systematically hacks into the American stock exchange thus forcing a global panic devaluing stock.
We adopt the Japanese advertising model of bombarding users with five second ads and epileptic flashing lights
My skin consists of LCD pixels and each morning I download a new outfit from the internet.
iPhone chip implant inside your ear: Tap temple twice to pick up, once to hang up, scroll your cheek for more options.


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