Web goes Mobile… no, honestly.

After you have been to a few “latest-buzzword-on-the-mobile” events, it is likely you become a bit jaded. Hype after hype wave breaks onto our shores but we are still missing a sizable audience changing its behaviour. Where is the move from voice and SMS towards mobile data usage (MMS, email, IM, WAP, web, widgets)? Last night, Mobile Monday‘s panel handed out some refreshingly honest opinions without the inflated projections.

Instead the talk was more about:

  • what will constitute a truly mobile digital experience (immediate, identifiable/personal, always-on, context, location, social graph)
  • that Mobile 2.0 will therefore be different from but build upon Web 2.0 (like TV built on theatre and radio, web on print and TV)
  • the (slow) arrival of pricing models that are less about “bill shock” and more about “worry free use” aka data flat rates
  • carriers hopefully becoming “smart pipes” and sharing traffic and customer data, thereby helping to combine and improve mobile experiences
  • developing widgets which don’t require a browser in an open-standards-platform
  • social networking as one key experience defining 3G (like voice did for 1G and SMS did for 2G)
  • MoMo panel
    Mobile Monday’s panel, picture taken with iPhone by Halans

    Speakers included Gary Chan from Forum Nokia, Oliver Palmer from TigerSpike, Oliver Weidlich from Ideal Interfaces and Jennifer Wilson from NineMSN. Mobile Monday’s own wrap up can be found here.


    2 responses to “Web goes Mobile… no, honestly.

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    2. Things are starting to accelerate mobile web-wise here in the US. I’ve blogged about it a bit here: http://mobilestance.com/2008/02/02/dizzying-pace-of-mobile-web-announcements-indicate-accelorating-growth-in-channel/

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