Update a classic: Trouser Semaphore

I am in the mood for giving away a super idea by stealing an old one (the quickest and cheapest way actually). I found this screen shot in my image library from ages ago, something like 2003. I am sure some menswear brand with a twinkle in the eye can live up to the challenge:

Snazz up the “Trouser Semaphore.

Trouser Semaphore

quoted from The Chap magazine who had originally published it:

“Across the floor of a crowded cocktail gathering, you too would be able to convey your inner most thoughts and deepest needs to like minded individuals, using nothing more than flexibility of your physique and the rough pliability of one’s trouser cloth. Surely, there is no sight more moving than a man and three square yards of carefully tailored cavalry twill moving in perfect harmony.”

Ah, endless possibilities, from “Send-A-Pants greeting” through to trouser deciphering in an interactive mystery video. Apparently The Chap had produced a movie of it back in the days. Now they seem to have lost belief in its potential and moved it into some data storage nirvana and unlike that other Semaphore classic it might be lost.

I tried to apply the Trouser Semaphore alphabet to decode Christopher Walken’s message in “Weapon of Choice” (see below), so far it seems to say AHTEW SNYT WOOP. Anyone know what that means? It sounds Welsh…


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