Old job / new job: Resign in style and accept with grace

I was amused and inspired by Flickr’s co-founder Stewart Butterfield’s resignation letter. Sure, when you are all cashed-up and ready to venture into something new, it is easy to take the mickey out of the business you are still in. But apparently Mr. Butterfield has managed to pull off this style for quite a while. I would work with guys like him any time. One might occasionally have to watch out for rabid ramblings in important meetings but that definitely beats playing BuzzwordBingo.

Photo by Squeaky Wheel

Photo by Squeaky Wheel

Have a read here (via valleywag) and if you are in the mood for switching jobs, why not take a leaf out of Stew’s book? If you are geekily inclined then why not write it in PHP as one commentator suggested:

$me = new Employee();
throw EmployeeException(“f*** you, f*** you, you’re cool, f*** you… I’m outta here”);

And if you have recently joined, why not give a belated acceptance speech? To be performed in full costume near the watercooler/server room/game console. That should set your new colleague’s expectations right.


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