NAB: It is an opportunity

Last night I was judging on the latest round of Creative Showcase submissions. Since on this particular night I suspect there were mostly judges on the sites, I cannot help but thinking that UGC always brings out the best in us. Please note the cloud at the right top.

I can feel the opportunity coming on

I can feel the opportunity coming on

I really like the concept (go to the “NAB community” website here), and I am sure NAB can chuckle about this (right?), and I am wondering what other ways (image recognition, manual screening, user flagging, NASA tools) one could use to automate the decency/brand fit of what goes on. Any ideas?

Added information:
I testify I was NOT involved in that doodle except for taking a screenshot. And if I did feel the urge for male genital depiction, I would go to Poke’s awesome Cock-A-Doodle .

Added information 2:
I now understand that the app erases all graphics after a certain amount of time.


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