Girls at Holler just want to have fun

In the build up to our Holler dinner tonight I have to post one of our internal classics. My colleague Ian will very likely hate me for creating another outlet for his channeling of Cindy Lauper (who happens to be in Sydney just now). But he sang this on his own accord and I am sure we have a talent release form signed by him somewhere (as you should).

And thinking about the upcoming lewd behaviour leads me to another media-reality question: “If you were drunk but there are no photos of it on facebook — were you really drunk?”.


2 responses to “Girls at Holler just want to have fun

  1. I know Ian, this isn’t him – he’s much better looking and probably sings better too.


  2. I know it was dark and both audio and video quality are crap, but I have eye witnesses!

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