Setanta versus Slingbox

In this cringe worthy piece of bad home video I compared the quality of my Setanta Broadband package with a Slingbox sitting in the UK.

Setanta for which I paid $150 (EURO 2008 was to blame!) displays scandalously low quality, dropping frames like a drunken chef chopping for a ratatouille. The slingbox simultaneously shows smooth quality for which I haven’t paid a cent but just asked my English mate for his password.

Now guess which model is the winning one.


2 responses to “Setanta versus Slingbox

  1. almost the highlight of my trip to Oz… 🙂

  2. yeah, mate, and trawling through your SlingBox history makes me wonder why you ordered “Bangkok Chick Boys” on pay-per-view so many times?

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