Holler office panorama

There is no deep thought behind this post: I simply want to show our, the Holler office.

Holler office in Surry Hills

Holler office in Surry Hills

Maybe I should mention that Photoshop and its snazzy function called “photo merge” produced this panorama quicker than I could say “QTVR!”. It pulls several shots into one nice panoramic view. No heavy touch ups required.

I remember the pain of stitching shots together for the legendary Apple QTVRs (why was that called Virtual Reality anyway, wasn’t it real world photos?). Anyway, another “I may feel old today” moment.

And just so that everyone knows what the outside looks like, I nicked the Google streetview of our building.

The Green Beast in front of Holler

The Green Beast in front of Holler

The gardening car passing it by at the same moment is quite bizarre. If we ever get a company car, that would definitely be a great choice for being remembered as the agency with “The Green Beast”.


4 responses to “Holler office panorama

  1. Good armchairs. I don’t see Knotty anywhere, is he slacking off?

    We did lots of QTVR messing about at Antirom – I’ve got the original files somewhere where we stitched together a whole load of weird stuff for The Future Sound of London. It was much better used that way than they way they intended.

    There was a whole spurious industry of special camera rigs and ‘specialists’ to make QTVRs, but you didn’t need all that stuff at all.

    In that streetview shot, don’t the yellow ribbon and floating arrows and labels in the road get in the way of the traffic? 😉

  2. Knotty took today off, he doesn’t seem to like Fridays in the office.

    And thanks for liking the arm chairs, I think they bring that special English manor feel to the room – except for the Wii acting as a digital fire place.

  3. The space looks amazing Tim. I’ve fallen in love with the PS3 photomerge tool too – I just cant help snapping of panaoramas and seeing how quickly photoshop can stitch it together. Nice shot.

  4. I think the function even has the power to beautify places a bit.

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