1 Caples for 6 Beers – and the whole award credit business

Holler has received the good news that 2 1 finalist at the Caples Awards in New York went to us and BMF. The project “6 Beers of Separation” was entered by BMF in several categories and among others received accolades in Interactive. I strongly recommend coming to an agreement between digital specialists and (for lack of a better term) ATL agencies. After some intense and ultimately rewarding campaigns with BMF we now came to an agreement which will take some of the stress out of crediting who for what at award time. And nobody needs more cat fights at Cannes.

Aggressive Cat is aggressive

Michael Lebowitz vs David Lubars

All entries on tightly integrated campaigns will be entered jointly and effort, credits and fees shared. Interactive/Online-focussed categories receive a Holler/BMF entry, categories that look at the integration/360-aspect of the campaign feature a BMF/Holler crediting. Campaigns such as “6 Beers” (Tooheys Extra Dry) and “Birds vs Humans (Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds) rely so much on the interactive work and at the same time stem from unique narrative, style and ideas that it doesn’t make much sense to separate the agencies behind it.

Update: It was my error to assume that the Online category would be about our part of the campaign. It wasn’t and therefore the 1 Caples is the only finalist where Holler shares a mention with BMF. Hope this makes everything clear and takes any non-existing controversy out of the game.

Up The Trees / Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds

Up The Trees - Interactive Adventure


2 responses to “1 Caples for 6 Beers – and the whole award credit business

  1. That is quite logical, Captain Buesing!

    Just don’t forget the media agency (IF they made a contribution that was integral to the campaign’s success ;-))


    • Yes, logical and yet quite rare, don’t you find? And you are right, media has an equal claim to fame. Often I find this relationship to be more distant or happening in intervals though. Different from the tight production-oriented ATL/specialist collaboration. Or maybe that is because there are creatives on both sides. And it does help when you develop good personal relationships.

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