Meeting Social Media Celebrities

Outside our quality local pub, the KB on Foveaux, I met (or better: saw) the girl who does CommunityChannel on YouTube. It was weird,  having watched a few of her hugely popular videos and, as she passed by, all I could think of: There goes “CommunityChannel“?

I mean, I am pretty sure she has a real name but to most of her 717,026 subscribers she might be “CommunityChannel” or “Miss CC” for all I know. OK, I realize I am sooo behind and have now checked and paid a bit of attention – her real name is Natalie Tran and she has her own Wikipedia article.

Anyway, props to her for producing this great series of entertaining videos and racking up 267,717,726 views at the age of 24. Her trajectory reminds me of Dave King‘s idea of starting a “Social Media Stars” agency – or as he put it, “those people out there with an audience and a bunch of distribution mechanisms already built-in”. I wonder how far that scene has progressed.

Photo of Natalie Tran

Natalie Tran

Nat might have a proper agent or she may not. Anyone worked with her already? Or have you met any interesting social media celebs lately? And with that I don’t mean gurus who expressly “practice social media” instead of just doing interesting things.


4 responses to “Meeting Social Media Celebrities

  1. Well thank you for the reference, Tim. Actually that idea has is now progressed to the point where most of the popular material on the ‘Tubes is produced by people represented by the Royals. We don’t let them talk about it publicly of course.

  2. As I just learnt in a Ustream session with ProBlogger some of the more prominent soc media stars already get rep’d (see, I can speak showbiz).

  3. I gave a guest lecture at COFA earlier in the year and she happened to be in the audience. She’s a final year student studying a Bachelor of Digital Media, and quite a champion. Looking forward to seeing how she turns this into a career, she’s got no one else who’s beaten that path before her.

  4. Yes, i Read that She is a Student, surely She can teach the teachers a few things as well.

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