Bollywoodification – get a new profile pic for the Delhi Games

In the lead up to the Commonwealth Games 2010, our friends over at SOAP have created this (very manual) facebook app called “Delhi Yourself” to promote Foxtel’s coverage (Follow The Games). Essentially you let them access your profile picture and one single illustrator, Harsha Nagaraju turns it into a hand drawn portrait, complete with Bollywood-type personal name and some Foxtel branding.

I 100% love the idea of individual results for every single user. And who doesn’t have a soft spot for a hand drawn portrait? While I could handle a lengthy wait till the profile picture was available, the delivery just felt a bit left to chance (no notification). Many fan posts on the page display the same confusion (where and when to get the pic). And unfortunately, despite me liking this “Delhi Yourself” app as an idea, I find the picture itself doesn’t contain any likeness.

Bollywood Tim

Bollywood Tim

Here is my original facebook profile picture that Harsha worked from.

Tim on facebook

Tim on facebook

Even though the creative drawing effort was performed by an authentic illustrator-posse (in India I assume) it doesn’t feel very Delhi – why not?

Mr Pink in Bollywood

Mr Pink in Bollywood

I could definitely need some tigers to spice my picture up a bit. Or should I be grateful I don’t look like Mr. Pink?

Comments via Bombay TV only please…


2 responses to “Bollywoodification – get a new profile pic for the Delhi Games

  1. haha it’s kinda close to you:) Some of the illustrations done are spot on though.

  2. OK, it’s kinda the cutesy version of me.
    What does yours look like? Or did you do a couple shot with Brad?

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