Connecting the dots

Tonight I walked past a billboard that made little sense to me. I couldn’t get my head around the combination of image and headline, simply because I hadn’t seen the accompanying television commercial. Out of professional interest I caught up with said TVC and now understand the still image taken from it, the one that eventually became a print ad. Some people are unhappy about the ad. But irrespective of its quality, there will be many more people ‘not getting the connection’. And they won’t bother finding the missing link.

AAMI Fair ad

AAMI Fair ad (image by You Are Doing That Wrong)

My point is that consumers have become so skilled at avoiding our ads that we can no longer assume they will connect the dots in our campaign. One execution is all they might ever see. At the same time we need to fill a lot of new and diverse touch points with our creative idea.

connecting the dots

'Teeth' by Thomas Hawk

What does this mean for the production of our creative idea? Naturally we want to keep its integrity and at the same time stay flexible on where it’s going. So we should produce it in one go and at the same time give it room to move. Crafting a spectacular film for TV does not exclude a second crew filming the same talent for Facebook or YouTube. Adding a green screen to photo shoots creates new options for print and online. Automatically record all your Twitter conversations and you are building a database that can later be harnessed for PR.

So let’s keep the creative production ‘open’ and thereby make every execution fit nicely into its environment.

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