5 responses to “New Old Spice Guy: Isaiah Mustafa ruled where Fabio sucks

  1. Fabio stinks as the old spice guy…it makes me not want to buy this product for my husband…find someone else please and fast. he just absolutely sucks…you can hardly understand what he is saying. epic fail old spice marketing…you had it right the first time..keep it that way.

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  4. Isaiah Mustafa Hater

    Isaiah Mustafa is crap I almost stopped using Old Spice(I have used the products for 17 years) because I hate Isaiah Mustafa so much. Fabio sucks too, but it is better than that idiot Isaiah Mustafa.

  5. Fabio is not a “has been”, he is a “never was”.
    He has sucked, he sucks, and he will ALWAYS SUCK!!
    Nuff said,.

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