Global Australian of the Year Award

Last night saw the Inaugural Global Australian of the Year Award, hosted at Sydney Town Hall and  initiated and organised by Advance. As per Advance’s own definition, it is “a community of global Australians who are able to make a difference for Australians, Australian companies and Australia around the globe. We believe Australian talent is one of our greatest exports and resources.”

See the nicely decorated venue below and spot the visual identity of two overlapping ripples, created by Pim Van Nunen at Publicis Mojo, proud  supporters of Advance.

Advance at Town Hall

Advance at Town Hall

It was indeed a humbling experience to see so many highly successful and at the same time giving and community-minded Australians up on stage. Many of the prize winners had foreign-born parents, some of which proudly accepted the prizes on behalf of their children working overseas. No surprise for such a young and immigration-oriented country, their backgrounds ranged from Holland, Denmark and Germany to Vietnam and Malaysia. See their new website and winners here.

Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman

Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman

Jeremy Heimans

Jeremy Heimans

The new Advance logo on an idea bulb

The new Advance logo on an 'idea bulb'


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