Social CEOs run more competitive companies

The way the C-tier of a company behaves, greatly influences its everyday work style. So this should be a no-brainer: when a company’s leadership is engaged with social media, the rest of the business tends to be more flexible and exchanges thoughts freely.

An IBM study confirms that this also translates into a more competitive company. One that is more in touch with customers, able to deal with change and innovate its products and services.

Social CEO study by IBM

Social CEO study by IBM

As a Forbes article put it:

“Simply put, CEOs and their executives set the cultural tone for an organization. Through participation, they implicitly promote the use of social technologies.  That will make their organizations more competitive and better able to adapt to sudden market changes.”

Boss Tweeting

So if you can spot your bosses being active on Twitter and LinkedIn, that’s a good sign. If they’re mixing it up on Soundcloud or they might be showing there’s more to life than work. But if they start posting their kids’ lunches on Instagram and want to be your friend on Facebook you might see more of them than you really care for.


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