Summary of TEDx Sydney

TEDx Sydney at Carriageworks

shot by Le Black Book

Having attended the inspirational marathon that is TEDx Sydney I had planned to write a personal summary of impressions and thoughts. Rather than dwelling on why I haven’t written it yet – because it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of quality talks on stage and chats in the break – I am taking the easy way out. Here is a link to Simon Bloomfield’s extensive post on the STW Nextness blog. And be sure to check out the TED Ed initiative as presented by founder Chris Anderson.

You can hopefully catch up soon with videos of the TEDx talks on their YouTube channel. Given that my ex-colleague Darryl Nichols might be speaking at TEDx Sydney 2013 about his awesome Garage Sale Trail project, I am already mentally lining up for next year.


One response to “Summary of TEDx Sydney

  1. Hey Tim,

    Great to see you at TEDX & hear all’s cook’n in your world !

    Keep rock’n !


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