Light by Moore’s cloud

This project is so obviously awesome: a colour-changing light, connected to the web, all open source and ready to plug into whatever trigger you want to throw at it. In geek terms, it’s a lamp connected to a LAMP stack (funny, huh?).

And here is where you need to pay attention: we all need to pledge to buy one. My colleague Troy and I have pledged one each already on Kickstarter. Possibly to light up our window at Reactive every time a developer breaks the build server. Or whenever someone opens the beer fridge.

So it’s pretty transparent that you need one as well. Heck, everyone needs a lamp connected to the web, right? So go, pledge a donation on their Kickstarter page.

Even if you don’t want the lamp, their ‘behind the scenes’ blog is a great read. You’ll learn about the Kickstarter funding model, their community, and how to communicate if you ever want to start some crowd funding project yourself. Have a read here:


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