Toilet Announcement Design

Here at Reactive Sydney we have discovered a (pardon the pun) shit hot toilet announcement designer. And no, you can’t have him, he is ours!
With some truly mad clipart skillz, this guy is laying it down like there is no tomorrow.

So check out his mind-blowing layout and weep:

  1. Clear and concise,  sans serif and sans nonsense messaging:
  2. Flanked by two business chicks holding the headline in balance (one giving you the lowdown, one apologising for it)
  3. plus a hot dog (in case you feel a No 2 coming on),
  4. pointing to the call-to-action – handyman (who is hopefully on his way),
  5. and a cute (brand-building) kitten. Why not? They make everything better.

Toilet Announcement Designphoto 1 (6)


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