Getty RISE, cultural trends in images

Cultural trends never stop evolving. So a brand like Getty Images needs to stay on top of them. After all, most of us need fresh images, illustrations or videos to bring ideas to life. RISE is produced by Getty’s internal team plus members of global creative networks “Creative Social” (including myself) and “She Says” and displays quick visuals that fuel you with information that matters.

Use the RISE website for inspiration and sign up to the monthly Top 10 for quick, relevant nuggets. The site is updated daily by creative heavyweights like Dave Bedwood (Lean Mean Fighting Machine), Fernanda Romana (Naked), Chris Clarke (LBi), Flo Heiss (Dare) Alessandra Lariu, Masashi (PARTY), Pam Grossman, Lars Bastholm and Nathan Cooper (Rubbishcorp). See the full list here. Two of my posts are up right now, one on Vine, one on the trend to curate rather than buy and own. A third on the all-seeing Drones is to follow soon. Tap into RISE and you can always be the genius in the room.


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