Reactive Research and Development Day


We at Reactive pride ourselves in holding quarterly Research & Development Days. All 150 employees in our 5 offices (Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, New York and London) dedicate 1 full day to exploring creative ideas, trends and technologies. Now that’s about 1,200 hours of free (unconstrained and uncharged) thinking, 4 times a year. Here are two blog posts about past R&D Days:

This something that many agencies claim or aspire to do. But I can tell you, while it’s easy to say yes to it initially, it takes some commitment and preparation to pull off.  Using our Intranet we have collected briefs and ideas for weeks and there are some promising titles in there like ‘Do The Strand’, ‘NYC Hour’, ‘Dataism’ or my favourite ‘Interactive Netball Hoop’.

We have shifted the regular work around so people can dedicate themselves fully to the day. And we are getting quite good at making the most of this time and how to involve our clients in the results. I really look forward to today’s wildly inspirational sessions and the following presentations.



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