Parents as storytellers

Anton Buchner contacted me on Twitter with this great ‘parents as storytellers’ project you can help make happen. It might interest you if you have young children and would like to take your bed time story reading to the next level. It’s promising to be very enjoyable for both sides.

Anton and friends are putting together a book, helping you not only to read a story to them but  to imagine one, on the fly. And in turn animate your kids to do the same.

Imagination Stories on Pozible

Imagination Stories on Pozible

Check out Anton’s post on it and if you like the idea, contribute to it via their page on the crowd funding site Pozible. They have already raised more than two thirds of their goal, so please give them the last nudge. You can also join their Facebook page.

Here is how Anton came up with the idea:

“I used to create imagination stories for my children (who are now 17, 15, 12). They were based on getting them to give me 3 random and eclectic words and I would weave them into a short and fun story with a beginning, middle and an end. The point was not to just read books AT them but to engage them IN a story. Getting them to help describe scenery, people, places and create names as the story went along. Soon they were asking me for 3 words and creating their very own stories! The more I spoke to friends about it, the more I discovered that they weren’t doing this. However they loved the idea. So I though let’s help families who may not have an initial creative spark. (…)  So I’m creating a facilitation book called “Imagine What Happens Next” with illustrations (by Sophie Scahill) and story starters, that parents and children can unleash their imagination with.”


Illustration by Sophie Scahill

I am very happy that the project has already reached its target. You can keep on contributing for your copy of the book and having your name printed in it.


One response to “Parents as storytellers

  1. frontfootconsulting

    Thanks for the post Tim. Yes we hit target and are illustrating away. Getting to the exciting reality stage.

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