Digital Future of Oxford Street

Art & About Sydney is a collaborative arts festival where every street, lane way, building site, intersection and thoroughfare is a canvas for creation and storytelling. And we at Reactive are gladly contributing with a free beginner’s workshop on digital design of urban spaces, in particular the Digital Future of Oxford Street. Our educational partner Tractor Design School is hosting our workshop where we explore a new digital perspective on one of the main arteries of Sydney: Oxford Street.


From Mardi Gras stage, night clubs and restaurants to thoroughfare to the beaches of the Eastern suburbs – what role will technology and digital design play in the future version of Oxford Street? We’ll explore digital design ideas for this multi-faceted space with many different kinds of users. We will be mixing the concept of wireframes and user experience with digital thinking and a bit of fun:

Here is an interview I conducted with Dan Hill, now CEO of Fabrica, on  How data is changing our streets and cities – listen to the audio here.


No prerequisites or experience in digital design or software is required. It is an entry level workshop which is supposed to show residents and visitors what sort of professionals work in and around the area of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. So if you are in Sydney and are curious about learning something new, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Get your free tickets here on Eventbrite.


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