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Reactive at AdTech 2013 Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne next week, come and join us from Reactive and people from brands like CocaCola, Facebook, eBay, CBA, Nike and AusPost for a great two days. AdTech Melbourne 2013 brings together big data clouds, geeky innovation chic and powerful advertisers and agencies.

Tim Buesing at the 2011 AdTech Conference

Tim Buesing at the 2011 AdTech Conference

Together with Emad from Finch and Johnny from Save Our Sons I will present our case of ‘The Most PowerfulArm Ever Invented‘. The broader topic of using ‘Innovation for Good‘ will hopefully trigger a lively discussion.

AdTech Melbourne

See below a look at CNET’s coverage of our launch event with Emad explaining the work


Converse Hack A Chuck on Google Plus

Converse Chucks have always been a creative canvas for their fans. To celebrate the opening of the Converse’s new Google+ page the sneaker brand put their favourite model up for a ‘creative hack’ competition. And us agencies from  ‘Creative Social‘ responded with a wide range of ideas. Check out all the work from our fellow members around the world on Converse’s Google+ page. Which one would you like to see hacked for real and available in the Converse shops?

Agency Republic

Reactive and Toby & Pete

Rehab Studio

Ogilvy China

Cheil London

All ideas and videos are Creative Social entries in the ‘Hack A Chuck’ competition that Converse and Google lent their brand and platform to.

Reactive teams up with Converse and Google+

Creative Social invited its global members to join the Converse and Google+ ‘Hack A Chuck’ competition. And we at Reactive together with our friends at Toby and Pete have taken up the challenge.

The world’s first Google Hangout Shootathon is going down in a couple of hours at the Die Hard Paintball Range in Sydney. We call it “Chuck a Chuck” (named after the most dangerous man on the internet). And you can watch the results on Google+ in a week when we need your votes to win the whole damn thing. Wish us luck, hopefully it’s going to be quite a blast.

Reactive and Toby&Pete's fierce paintball session

Reactive and Toby&Pete’s fierce paintball session

Below is a little photo update from the shoot this morning. The full doco rolls out on Monday on Google+

ChuckAChuck03 ChuckAChuck04 ChuckAChuck05  ChuckAChuck00 ChuckAChuck01

The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

This is a project we at Reactive worked extremely hard for over the last 2 months. It’s called ‘The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented” and this is its story.

The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

Children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) suffer from progressive deterioration of their muscles. The kids lose the ability to use their arms and for example sign their name very early in their life. At the same time the Australian government does not have a policy on this disease, meaning there is no research support to help halt or cure DMD. This is why we created The Most Powerful Arm, a bionic arm with which you can help wake up the politicians. Please sign a petition to the Australian government, asking them to start supporting the important research on this crippling disease. Watch the trailer below:

The arm is publicly installed, first in Customs House Sydney, and now in Ariel Book Store. It takes your signature via your Facebook login, also accesible thorough your mobile phone if you happen to be in front of the installation. It then signs the petition for you, with a real pen on paper. It uses the original handwriting of one of the children affected, Jacob Lancaster, which we turned into a typeface. A photo camera will then take a picture of each signature and post it to the respective signee’s Facebook wall.

I really appreciate any help you can give to the cause. We have smashed the original target of 20,000 which was required to have the petition considered by parliament. But the more signatures we get, the more weight it will have. Please add your signature at and if you want and can afford to, you can also donate to make the trials happen.

Below you find our  Making Of The Most PowerfulArm that explains the whole signing experience in detail.

Here are some photos from our launch day in Customs House.

The Most Powerful Arm is a collaboration between ReactiveFinch and Havas Worldwide / Red Agency. Special shout out goes to Emad Tahtouh who heads the creative technology at Finch and who not only had the idea but also tirelessly worked on all the robotics, video, photos and backend technology to make the arm the most powerful ever invented.

Are the most popular ideas always analogue?

Almost 2 years ago we at Adverblog published what became our most popular post so far: The Stripper Blackmail. This billboard campaign features a male stripper that nobody wants to see naked. But why is it so funny and appealing in its analogue format, in paper as opposed to in digital?

I loved the idea and execution by Y&R Amsterdam. And I am not suggesting it should have been any different to what it was. But its popularity got me thinking: would the Adverblog readers have reacted the same way, would it have garnered as many awards as it did, had it been a digital piece, a banner or website for example?

Here is what is similar:

  • People commute in cars on highways to their destinations – people commute online (excuse yesteryear’s buzzword ‘data superhighways’) to their favourite websites.
  • Drivers are busy steering their vehicles – users are busy clicking around for interesting stuff.

So in both cases, there is lots of competition and the placements would attract only mild attention, if any.

But here is what is different. Firstly, it’s in the way the idea is presented. The billboard idea is explained as a series of photos where the real environment appears secondary, just there in order to understand it is a billboard next to a street. We phase out that there are many other signs in the street, that might have more importance to drivers.

Now imagine the same execution in an online execution (as e.g. a page takeover). Immediately alarm bells go off: wouldn’t I be annoyed by this large banner, trying to close it as soon as possible? After all, people HATE ads online, right? Would I be able to run a mystery campaign like this? One in which the reveal happens 5 days later, knowing users can’t even remember the last site they clicked away from?

A second difference is the ad’s context: a street billboard works in a situation in which you for the most part don’t see a) any real nudity or b) freaky stuff. You somehow imagine the drivers passing the billboard, giggling to themselves due to the provocative nature of the ad. We picture journalists throwing a story up on mainstream media. Now compare it to the web, where most boundaries have been crossed, where some users have seen ‘a hamster dressed as Kylie Minogue playing ping pong’ just seconds before they came to your banner. Difficult to raise an eyebrow in this context, right?

I am not sure what these differences even mean. Except that I am stating some fairly obvious things: firstly, it matters a lot how you present an idea for PR and awards, and secondly, it’s brutally hard to hold anyone’s attention online.

Write For Rights at Reactive

Amnesty International has launched ‘Write For Rights‘, a site with the aim to support 11 individuals that are targeted by their government though they have committed no crime. You can pledge to write a letter of support, sign up for a ‘Write’ get-together or volunteer to host such an event yourself. Reactive Sydney,  which created the website, will host a ‘Write for Rights’ BBQ this Thursday evening in Surry Hills. You can help – by dropping in and just writing a letter, putting the spotlight where it’s needed most.

Write For Rights @ Reactive
Thursday Dec 6, 6:00 pm
Level 1, 490 Crown Street
Surry Hills

Write for Rights at Reactive

Here is a documentary of last year’s worldwide efforts:

My talk at Ignite 9 – Sydney should be more like Helsinki

A video of my talk at Ignite 9 (as part of Web Directions) last week just went live on YouTube. With 6 pretty compelling reasons I tried to convince the audience that our hometown should actually be more like Finland’s capital.  See the video below for how that went down.

I had a blast and can only recommend challenging yourself to participate in this format:

Ignite is a global event, organized by volunteers, where participants are given five minutes to speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions, accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The Ignite format is similar to Pecha Kucha, which features 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. The presentations are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, i.e. to generate awareness and to stimulate thought and action on the subjects presented.”

You can see all the other talks in a playlist here and blog post from other speakers like Patrick, Roger, Gabrielle and Michael. Ignite did raise quite a bit of money for OzHarvest which was a nice bonus. Many thanks to Hunting with Pixels for the film production and the organisers and volunteers, especially Stephen Lead and Angela McDougall.

Here are a few (low quality) iPhone photos from the night and my presentation file on Slideshare: