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Gettin’ shirty

This is a (fashion) break from the usual things I post about. My wife asked me to contribute to her creative sandpit S’more – so here is a little post about T-shirt designs I encountered and liked.

Despite the rainy winter weather that has enwrapped Sydney at the moment, I felt like reviewing some fresh T-shirt designs. And maybe you live in a time zone that generously sports some blue skies, lovely sunshine and fluffy clouds – then these shirts are made for your frolicking outside right now.

First up is the self-proclaimed ‘bad ass ping pong label’ Thompson Punke. With a name inspired by author Hunter S. Thompson and run by some Brooklyn hipsters (who keep a day job in advertising), it features some ping pong terminology and jokes on nicely fitted T-shirts. Their site is well designed with a good dose of that All-American ‘optimism with an attitude’.

And what I probably found funniest was their Facebook hand ‘flipping the bird’.

Facebook is for losers

Facebook is for losers

“Cho!” is a common Chinese phrase that some players yell out after winning an intense point.


CHO! What else were you ging to say?

Go big then go home

‘Nuff said.

Secondly, if you want to go minimal, nothing comes closer to it than the German design studio BLXNK (via) I am not sure how they’d like you to pronounce it, probably BLINK?
Go for ‘The Kreis’ (Circle)

BLXNK - Der Kreis

‘The Kreuz” (Cross)

The Kreuz

or just end all unnecessary discussions with a big fat black ‘Viereck’ (Rectangle)

The Viereck / Rectangle

If you like the minimalism but still want to convey some mystic weight, Sydney-based label “Moons of Apollo” have created sparse and elegant designs that reference a bit of the old Greeks and Romans.

Lastly, the T-mag series is very eclectic due to different artists designing its issues. But what is remarkable is a) the photography of the shirts and b) that all designs are graphic interpretations of news stories that are printed on the inside of the same shirt. So you can relay the story behind the design – and potentially start a debate about society and the bollocks that passes as our world’s politics.

T-mag shirts

T mag series

T mag series

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