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9 questions to get QR codes right

QR codes have copped a lot of flak after hyped expectations met with reality. Blogs like WTF QR codes and Pictures of People Scanning QR codes are testament to the scorn showered upon them. While some might have already moved onto the next big thing in connection technology (NFC anyone?), B&T / Kevin Moreland have just published a good list of questions to ensure your use of QR codes isn’t doomed from the start.

  1. Is the surface mobile friendly?
  2. Can consumers physically get to the code?
  3. Will consumers have internet access?
  4. Is it big enough?
  5. Is the information at a minimum?
  6. Does it lead to a mobile friendly destination?
  7. Is there value behind the code?
  8. Will consumers realise there is value behind the code?
  9. Have I scanned this?

Apart from the technical best practices I would really stress questions 6, 7 and 8 which are too often neglected. People don’t explore these code. That would be like saying people click on banners just to see where it would take them. Either they get why they should use the code or they don’t.

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