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Cannes Young Lions 2014

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The Cannes Young Lions 2014 competition for creative teams under 28 has just opened (deadline is April 4). In past years, digital entry levels have unfortunately never  reflected the size of our industry or the depth of talent within it. I have been Chairman as well as juror of this competition and have seen and written about how teams have struggled to enter top quality work. The entry levels reached only 25% of the Print entries which in light of where the work is going, didn’t make any sense.

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Reasons for it were twofold in my opinion. Firstly, it was (and still is) challenging to succinctly explain a digital campaign. Keeping the core idea separate from the complexity of execution is a skill that not every junior team has mastered yet. Secondly, the competition had until now required the teams to actually build their concepts. Which had to be in the format of display banners. This “smallest common denominator” approach led to a watering down of concepts. Teams entered what, according to their technical skill level, they thought they could actually build in Flash and HTML.

In 2014 it it is now no longer required to build the concept a.k.a. a display banner. This is going to broaden the scope of the ideas significantly, for both the local competition and the international version in Cannes, France. Reactive’s young ones in Melbourne and Sydney will challenge themselves to be among the best young digital creative teams in Australia. And I am looking forward to their results.

If you feel like you got what it takes, stop lurking behind your more senior colleagues. Enter, win, make your way to Cannes and take out the prize for best digital creative team in the world. But before you practice your acceptance speech, you should probably start by entering the first round before April 4:

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Young Cyber Lion hopefuls on their way to Cannes

The Young Cyber Lions competition finished last week, and as a sign of hope for our talent-starved industry, the round of 2011 brought a record number of entries. The winning team’s entry, conceived and produced within 24 hours as per the rules, can be seen here.

Cyber winner entry 2011

Cyber winner entry by Gene Brutty and Tim Seddon

Two things stood out for me as Chairman of the jury. Firstly, the very deserved winning team was from Perth, which produces a good crop of talent (100% of Cyber and 50% of the Media winners). Perth might just not be able to hold onto it for too long. Secondly, the Cyber entries still only amount to 25% of the print entries, grossly misrepresenting the type of work flowing through almost every agency in the world.

Still too many young Australian creatives find making a great poster more achievable, or even more interesting. But at the same time, we label them ‘interactive natives’, view them as part of a well-connected generation. Even the most senior participant couldn’t have been older than 15 when sending his first email or browsing for her friends party photos.

What’s certain is that the odds of winning a Cyber ticket to Cannes were still a lot better than in any other discipline. In the interest of ever growing creative field, let’s hope the race in 2012 will be a much tougher one.