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Internet of Things begins with Ninjas

I wanted to connect two of my previous posts about electronic tinkering with Arduino and the fabulous Kickstarter project LIGHT by Moore’s Cloud (a web-enabled, interactive lamp so to say). NinjaBlocks come at AU $199 a pop and contain an Ubunta-operated mini computer (similar to the LIGHT). And you can control the Ninja’s LED eyes for extra geek appeal. Ninja Blocks hardware Ninja Blocks allow you to hook up any sensory input in an “If This – Then That” fashion. You can use Arduino’s microcontroller language or a ready made sensor, and operate everything from the NinjaBlocks dashboard.

NinjaBlocks dashboard

NinjaBlocks dashboard

Check out their little summary here: http://new.ninjablocks.com

A mate of mine, Nick Clark, who was also part of the ‘Snake The Planet‘ mobile projection, is helping to promote these Ninja blocks. And they are selling like hot cakes. Get amongst it.


Light by Moore’s cloud

This project is so obviously awesome: a colour-changing light, connected to the web, all open source and ready to plug into whatever trigger you want to throw at it. In geek terms, it’s a lamp connected to a LAMP stack (funny, huh?).

And here is where you need to pay attention: we all need to pledge to buy one. My colleague Troy and I have pledged one each already on Kickstarter. Possibly to light up our window at Reactive every time a developer breaks the build server. Or whenever someone opens the beer fridge.

So it’s pretty transparent that you need one as well. Heck, everyone needs a lamp connected to the web, right? So go, pledge a donation on their Kickstarter page.

Even if you don’t want the lamp, their ‘behind the scenes’ blog is a great read. You’ll learn about the Kickstarter funding model, their community, and how to communicate if you ever want to start some crowd funding project yourself. Have a read here: http://blog.moorescloud.com