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You are listening to … Los Angeles

You are listening to Los Angeles” is a mesmerizing and beautiful collage of two sound streams. Ambient music (via SoundCloud) and live police radio (scanner audio from RadioReference.com) come together to form an audio experience reminiscent of films like Paul Haggis ‘Crash‘ and Michael Mann’s ‘Collateral‘. Other US cities are available as well – I have done a quick search on Sydney police radio but am not sure it is available online.

I just pledged a few dollars to help creator Eric Eberhardt, himself a digital product manager and UX designer, develop an iPhone app version of the site. I imagine the mobile experience, walking the streets while listening to the two streams together, to be quite an interesting (if not creepy) experience.


52 Suburbs around the world

A while ago I started following the excellent photo blog 52 suburbs by Louise Hawson. She is a Sydneysider who decided to a) turn her interest in photography into a full-time passion and b) discover her own home town in the process. For one year she travelled to one suburb per week,- here’s a video from her appearing at Creative Social and a previous post about her project.

By going out into the ‘burbs, the less fashionable places, she lets us see the humanity and diversity that sometimes escapes us. After turning this fantastic project into that an exhibition and a book she is now taking it further under the title “52 Suburbs Around the World “.  And you might be interested in supporting her via her Kickstarter page. Watch the video below for more.