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Don’t read books, just order them

To make up for a long hiatus, I tried to write a profound post on why I joined Holler and what makes it a very special agency (naturally!). Now I realize it might be wiser to just skip such a catch-all statement and simply get on with blogging.

A thing that struck me recently was that we are quick to order books that are hot at the moment, the ones that have the must-have quotes for the next strategy preso. But I at least tend not get around to reading them anymore. The act of ordering them (on Amazon) replaces the act of reading. Just like the old student days when photocopying a source replaced actually analyzing it. Every time a new shipment arrives, the feeling of guilt is heightened. There must a clever neologism for it.

Maybe “-zoning” as in:
“Did you catch Godin’s latest where he writes about twittering, powncing and blipping? –
I sure zoned it, should be somewhere at reception by now.”

Anyone have a better proposition?

Photo by SteveKeys

Photo by SteveKeys