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Have a Pintermission with Honda

Honda is one of the first brands entering social network Pinterest.  In line with their CR-V “Leap List” campaign, they do it strangely enough by asking top pinners to take a break and get outside. You might remember the campaign through the Ferris Bueller sequel video. So this Pinterest part of the campaign is all about getting out and living life to the fullest.



Honda is offering $500 each to the most active pinners  if they’ll take a 24-hour break from Pinterest and do the things they normally pin about. And then pin/post about those. Which in a way brings us full circle to the question: ‘How much pinning is too much?”

I liked the personalized invitation via an @ mention below, showing true blogger outreach, with effort going into research, personalised and engaging through craft. See all invites after the jump.

Pinterest invitation

Pinterest invitation


Pinterest influences web strategies

America’s TODAY show has borrowed heavily from the usage pattern and structure of Pinterest. Browse to your heart’s content, ideally on a tablet and discover something that you can collect and take away. And because Pinterest is such a mainstream past time already,  many brands should take note. With the rise of tablets and touch sensitive computers in the future, this just feels more human and easily accessible.

TODAY’s digital director, Jen Brown is succinctly quoted with the following.

“There’s something about the mindset of Pinterest that is similar to what [people] love about TODAY.com— and that’s discovery. Sometimes I go to Pinterest and I’m not sure what exactly I want, but I know I’m going to find something fun. That’s really how we try to program our site.”


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