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Using Innovation for Good at SXSW

The interactive-film-music conference juggernaut SXSW (South by SouthWest) comes around early March and this year I and Emad Tahtouh are lucky enough to be panelists. Reactive and Finch will present together our joint work for ‘The Most Powerful Arm‘. In the panel ‘Using Innovation for Good‘ we discuss the possibilities of using innovation and experimental technology for worthy causes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 7.48.53 PM

And best of all, you can participate by tweeting question that will be written in real time by ‘The Most Powerful Arm’ robot itself, live, in the room! Use the hashtag #SXSWArm and it shall turn into words on paper.

The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented

Here are the details of Emad’s and my panel: http://schedule.sxsw.com/2014/events/event_IAP22776

Tim and Emad at IAB Mixx Awards

If you happen to attend the interactive part of SXSW, please connect with us on SXSW’s social platform and/or say hi at our panel.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.34.21 PM

I am also currently piecing together my own schedule of favourite events, which you can publicly see here. Maybe we can match interests or share interesting events:

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Australian Open Social Shack

One of Melbourne’s prime sporting events, the ‘Australian Open’ is closing on a great two weeks of tennis with their finals. Stars like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Li Na battled on the courts, and their fans are constantly connecting with them and amongst each other via social media, especially with the help of Twitter and the official hashtag #AusOpen.

Here’s Reactive’s Australian Open Social Shack, which is all about bringing fans and players together through social media. Check out Twitter’s global blog post on the project here.

hash check in inside2 inside outside

Below outlines each of the concepts displayed across the screens:

Tug of War – Fans could engage with the display by hashtagging their favourite player to influence the game of tug of war. Two players go head-to-head and only win by having the higher number of hashtags associated to them. Each player had multiple hashtags associated to their profile to ensure  variations of their name, e.g. #teamwilliams were captured.

Social Cheer – This idea uses live data from IBM to display graphical social ‘cheer’ throughout a match. Player vs. player would be set up for live matches and based on the social chatter for each player the graph would grow or decline. The intelligence of IBM’s data was also used by pulling through content on fastest serves, longest rally and other stats.

Social Leaderboard – This application uses multi-screen takeovers and runs through a series of leader boards based on players social media accounts.  Tracking the most followed players, who tweets and instagrams the most.

Player Profiles – Fans can see an animated feed of players which displayed all their social media accounts.

KIA’s Greatest Fan – Built upon the user journey through the Social Shack, the first two screen are displaying a feed of photos taken in the KIA media booth. Once having their photo taken the fans would move through to the Social Shack where they could view their photo on the big screen and then engage with the above  concepts.

Lastly, a giant check-in button helps track the number of visitors to the Social Shack. An iPad app  ticked over every time its button was pressed. The 3D #AUSOPEN sign, commissioned by Tennis Australia, sits out the front of the Social Shack and is a perfect and very popular photo opportunity.

8 AIMIA finalists for Reactive

2013 was a busy year for our teams all over the world – and it shows in the recent list of AIMIA Award finalists. Reactive has been shortlisted in eight categories for five separate projects. 8 finalists is already a cool result – if I’m not mistaken the best agency in the running. But to score those across 5 different projects means we are excelling within a broad range of digital : from mobile shopping apps, social media on the tablet, innovative use of on- and offline, to massive websites with strong retail and CRM functionality.

AIMIA, the Digital Industry Association for Australia, has represented the digital content, services and applications industry in Australia since 1992. Currently in it’s 20th year, the AIMIA Awards consistently recognise work of an exceptionally high standard. And this year’s shortlist is no different.


We’re extremely happy to have scored the following finalist nominations across a range of our work:

ANZ Buzz Sydney Festival

  • Best of Websites & Online Services – Cultural or Lifestyle


Coles Feed Your Family iPad App

  • Best of Tablet – Retail & eCommerce


Coles Supermarket Website

  • Best of Websites & Online Services – Retail & eCommerce


The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented 

  • Best Cross Platform
  • Best Digital Advertising or Communication – Government & Non-profit
  • Best of Websites & Online Services – Government & Non-profit
  • Best Social Media – Best Use of Social Media


Nissan Australia Website 

  • Best of Websites & Online Services – Retail & eCommerce


Please wish us luck and maybe see you on the night of April 3rd ?


Thoughts on the new Jelly App

In a guest post Tim O’Neill, co-founder of Reactive spends a few thoughts on the Jelly app.

This week saw the launch of Jelly, the new start-up from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. This pedigree guaranteed a certain amount of hype and uptake, with curious early adopters jumping on the Jelly wagon and testing it out, myself included.

Jelly is a blessedly simple concept: you can ask or answer image-based questions.

To pose a question, take or upload a photo and write a question (e.g. “what part of France is this wine from?”). Jelly connects to your Facebook and twitter accounts, and then posts this question to your Jelly-using network.


To answer questions, swipe through the lovely ‘deck of cards’ interface, find a question to answer and write (or draw) a response.

Many have compared the site to existing services like Quora, Aardvark and Yahoo Answers (which are all Q&A services), however Jelly feels different – in particular with the focus on images. It also has an (almost) gamification aspect, with ‘Thank You Cards’ and ‘Good Answer’ messages when you’ve made a particularly thoughtful, accurate or funny response. This will likely develop over time.

One very cool aspect of Jelly is that it runs as an iPhone app, Android app and also as a mobile site – and you can share questions via SMS or email with people that don’t have the apps installed. This is supremely clever and impressive technically too.

One significant area of improvement is ‘App-store SEO.’ Currently searching for ‘Jelly’ in the iTunes App Store shows a lot of games, but not this app.

Naturally, the chatter on and around Jelly is a) how will brands jump onboard, and b) how will Biz Stone and his esteemed investors seek to monetise it. A good article on this is on Medium.

Right now, only one thing is sure: that this first release of Jelly is just the beginning and will certainly evolve (or maybe ‘pivot’) in the coming months as they learn from user feedback and usage patterns.

There will be the inevitable land-grab for Jelly “firsts” by brands, agencies and the like. Some of these will be heralded as genius, most will be predictable, others will create a customer backlash (it will be irresistibly tempting for a brand to start posting ‘branded questions’ and spamming Jelly).

I would end with “follow me on Jelly,” but currently there is no way to find or follow a person. Instead, download the app and have a play.

Follow Tim O’Neill on Twitter here

Reactive needs your creative genius

Due to winning a few pitches for a line of cool brands  I am seeking some talented creatives to join us. Please head over to our application page if you are interested in making your mark at Reactive Sydney.

Last time I wrote about this topic I posted a (pretty average and black and white) group picture. But how about the same people on a boat, on a sunny day, cruising on Sydney Harbour? Totally different spiel, right? Ok, it was our Christmas party and not a regular Thursday night drinks, but still…

Reactive Sydney Christmas Part 03 Reactive Sydney Christmas Part 02 Reactive Sydney Christmas Part 01

At Reactive we love design, useful things and great creative content. And we are already pretty good at it, judging from the many international awards we keep winning like Cannes, Spikes, TheFWA, IAB or Webby.

We offer anyone who joins us a bloody awesome range of clients and projects.  I could further mention:

  • our independent ownership (no political bullshit)
  • 5 offices around the world with Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, New York, London (international career anyone?
  • our Sydney office’s perfect office location in the heart of Surry Hills (looking out the window counts as trend research)
  • the collaborative, thoughtful and friendly working style
  • and not least of all, a company-wide, 4 times a year Research & Development Day.

But in the end, it’s all about the work. Your work, our joint (hopefully award-worthy) results and what you want to specifically achieve in the future.

Have a look at the range below and click thorough some of the experiences. And if our work speaks to you, your ambitions and you think Reactive is the right place for you, then please drop us a line here:


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.28.18 PM

Reactivework10 Reactivework09 Reactivework08 Reactivework07 Reactivework01 Reactivework06 Reactivework05 Reactivework04 Reactivework03 Reactivework02

And here are two videos of myself speaking (at the Reactive office and at Ignite Sydney) pointing to the digital interface challenges of today. As we all feel on a daily basis,it’s all about The Touch now.

If you are convinced, have a click through and let us know about yourself and your work!