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Can’t Touch This! New Interface Challenges

TechMeetups have asked me to speak at their first Sydney event this Thursday, and I’d be very happy if the Sydneysiders among you could come along. There will be free drinks thanks to our co-presenters from Ninefold. But if that alone isn’t enough to coax you into attending, you’ll meet lots of budding startup people, developers, designers and industry movers and shakers. I also have picked a topic that hopefully interests the design/UX/strategy person in you.

Please register your interest for Feb 28 evening here:

Something that occupies a lot of my thinking lately is the overlap of clicking and pointing. Or more precise how an interface that works with clicking (desktop) blends into interfaces that work with touching (mobile and tablet). And how responsive design is supposed to be the magic glue that makes it work (but doesn’t on its own). And how it changes our expectation of a good web experience, hopping from one device to the next. And us users wanting to be recognised and supported every time.


Something that goes along the lines of this excellent posts by Josh Clark on ‘Every screen that can be, should be Finger Friendly‘. I’ll throw in my own thoughts and some interesting like this responsive typography experiement, that bases the size of the text on how far away from the screen y9ou are (based on face recognition and tracking via the computer’s  camera)

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 3.03.14 PM

Essentially, I will elaborate on an article I wrote for the new SoDA report (coming out coincidentally on the same day).