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YouTube Australia: What’s your dirty secret little talent?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We all know YouTube is one large, 24-7 talent show, so it isn’t surprising that YouTube hosts an official country-wide search for the next cat pianist. What’s funny to me is the channel’s username “secrettalentsau” which in German reads as “Secret Talent Sau” (sau = pig). Let’s get down and dirty and show off some kinky talents, Australia!


Meeting Social Media Celebrities

Outside our quality local pub, the KB on Foveaux, I met (or better: saw) the girl who does CommunityChannel on YouTube. It was weird,  having watched a few of her hugely popular videos and, as she passed by, all I could think of: There goes “CommunityChannel“?

I mean, I am pretty sure she has a real name but to most of her 717,026 subscribers she might be “CommunityChannel” or “Miss CC” for all I know. OK, I realize I am sooo behind and have now checked and paid a bit of attention – her real name is Natalie Tran and she has her own Wikipedia article.

Anyway, props to her for producing this great series of entertaining videos and racking up 267,717,726 views at the age of 24. Her trajectory reminds me of Dave King‘s idea of starting a “Social Media Stars” agency – or as he put it, “those people out there with an audience and a bunch of distribution mechanisms already built-in”. I wonder how far that scene has progressed.

Photo of Natalie Tran

Natalie Tran

Nat might have a proper agent or she may not. Anyone worked with her already? Or have you met any interesting social media celebs lately? And with that I don’t mean gurus who expressly “practice social media” instead of just doing interesting things.

The Best of Slap Chop: You are going to love my nuts

I am so late on Slap Chop but this very annoying infomercial got what it deserved, it got slapped and chopped. Even massacred. The Slap Chop wave of remixes, edits and spoofs has amassed millions of combined views and this would definitely be my favourite (please hang in there till about 1:15).

Having just seen ABC’s Laurence Leung meet and greet his teen hero ‘Shabba-Doo‘ from Breakin (and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo) made the Slap Chop Mashup even better. But if you are more the wordy type, don’t miss the dub by Jabo0odyDubs

And if yo gringos want to hear The Vince himself slaughter (or better slap chop) the Spanish language, por favor:

YouTube Live – 90 minutes of web celebrities

YouTube’s first foray into live entertainment just “aired” and these are a couple of my first impressions and observations (in no particular order).

YouTube Live vloggers/hosts

YouTube Live vloggers/hosts

  1. When you glue together web celebs (or ‘webreblities’ as they seem to be called) it makes for a fairly entertaining format – lots of B-boying and body popping though. I either leaned back during the guests I knew or browsed in parallel for the reference videos of guests I hadn’t seen before.
  2. YouTube avoided Yahoo!s bandwidth choke a month ago and the streaming in high quality went smoothly.
  3. YouTube did a good job in selling themselves as the credible platform for becoming a star out of nowhere. Either through starring, experimenting, mimicking, spoofing, playing the background track to something strange, etc … OK, everybody knew that already but seeing a whole 90 minutes of web-born stars must have given some kids another motivational boost.
  4. When you take some acts out of their living room, you realize they aren’t that interesting, vocally gifted or funny.
  5. Is “Choccolate Rain'”s Tay Zonday the voice of generation V ?
  6. Some of the backstage/offstage footage was a real challenge to watch and definitely took a bit of the fascination out of it. Nothing new for people who have been to TV-recorded gigs. It goes to show that directing 90 minutes of live entertainment with three simultaneous feeds poses the same logistical challenges it did before the interweb.
  7. Nice integration of a live stream from aboard Virgin America, on a plane on its way to the show.
  8. A modern audience seems to be so busy with recording events via mobile phone, they don’t clap or wave their arms anymore. Given that Flip Mino was a main sponsor it was a fitting sight. I couldn’t find links to any ‘audience videos’ that were supposedly uploaded during the event. Reminds me of BeastieBoys’ I Shot That.
  9. Most importantly, there was no interactivity with the web audience that i could see. The usual channel comments or any sort of live stats did not have any influence on the show. There were no live overlays directing users to additional footage/info. I am sure a space YouTube will expand their format into.
YouTube Live VJaying by

YouTube Live VJaying by Mike Relm

The whole show format definitely beat any Australian live show that is on regular TV. If you have seen a re-broadcast or excerpts what are your first thoughts?

JaffeJuice commented on the integration of sponsors, appointment viewing,  catch up in byte-sized clips and most important of all the potential of future interactivity (e.g. integration of live commenting with services like 12seconds.tv).

And this is…like…a YouTube Live response of guest Daxflame …that is … like awesome and uh…he met sooo many friends. And stuff.

Hm, guess this parody is too close to real teenager speak for me.

Girls at Holler just want to have fun

In the build up to our Holler dinner tonight I have to post one of our internal classics. My colleague Ian will very likely hate me for creating another outlet for his channeling of Cindy Lauper (who happens to be in Sydney just now). But he sang this on his own accord and I am sure we have a talent release form signed by him somewhere (as you should).

And thinking about the upcoming lewd behaviour leads me to another media-reality question: “If you were drunk but there are no photos of it on facebook — were you really drunk?”.