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Don’t quit TV yet – but start iView

I have been living without any of the major commercial channels for more than 3 months. The aerial signal quality had deteriorated over several weeks until all I could see was ABC and some SBS (on good days). I was actually too lazy to find out whether it was my Digital Video Recorder (DVR) acting up or the actual antenna or the slightly damaged coaxial cable (as it turned out, it was the antenna).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now during my forced abstinence from commercial TV I developed a habit of tuning into the fantastic ABC iView service quite a lot. And watched lots of YouTube on the iTouch. Which in turn ate up my download cap (cannot wait for the day when a real flatrate gets finally offered here in AU).
All in all still a very good experience and as iView is getting better all the time, I can only recommend tuning in. Channel 9 and 7 will be following suit and other DVR options are coming into existence. You don’t necessarily have to bend your antenna the wrong way to start watching what you want, when you want it.

Additional info: A study mentioned on Media Guardian claims Video-On-Demand will hardly affect linear TV advertising revenue. I cannot judge the validity of the study, though do see the point that time-shifted viewing (through DVRs such as iQ) slows the growth rate of VOD. As an early adopter I might sometimes overestimate how much the mainstream changes their ways of watching good old TV. It still has a lot to do with how hard ware is set up and used in people’s home.


Laneways by George – looking sideways in Sydney’s CBD

Forgotten Songs

Forgotten Songs

Following on our trip to Melbourne, the Holler creatives ventured outside Surry Hills (gasp!) and into the far northern tip of the CBD. Laneways by George is an initiative by the City of Sydney to bring its historic laneways into focus. A few months ago Holler pitched an idea (together with Arup, SuperCollossal, UTS DAB, the ABC and the Powerhouse Museum) for a series of installations. Sadly it didn’t get the green light, possibly because it proved way too ambitious. Our proposal included covering all the featured laneways with WiFi, connecting the places with an overarching narrative, projecting dynamically onto the walls, bringing historical footage onto the mobile…you can tell, it was the whole digital shebang.

Don’t quite know why we went overboard like this, maybe a desire to catch up with what other cities have done already (did I hear anyone say Melbourne?). Anyway, maybe there are some nuggets of inspiration in it for you – if you can decipher the tiny type.

Seven Metre Bar

Seven Metre Bar

Some installations stand out like the birdcages in Angel Place (“Forgotten Songs“), the flood-simulating trash collage (“Seven Metre Bar“) or the strangely erotic/revolting humming pieces of flesh in Bridge Lane (“I Dwell in the City and the City Dwells in Me“).
Laneways by George

I Dwell in the City and the City Dwells in Me

In the end, the series of installations is worth exploring. Even if the work doesn’t resonate with you – you walk through spaces you didn’t know existed and wouldn’t use (unless you are a delivery man for some of the bars and shops on the high street).
Bridge Lane painted signs

Bridge Lane painted signs