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Google Chromecast in our boardroom

“The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed” famously quipped cyber-punk authorWilliam Gibson in 1993. And in a very small way that is evident when little gadgets come out. Recently our Reactive brethren in the US were able to purchase a Google Chromecast, ahead of us here Down Under. But collaborative folks as they are, Carl Panczak and his NYC crew sent a device our way. So that we could experience the future!


Chromecast is a small extension to your TV or boardroom display, essentially giving you the ability to display what’s happening in your browser (be it on the phone, tablet or desktop). In a nutshell: Send video or anything on the Web to your TV from your smartphone, tablet or laptop (as it says on the box). The fact that it uses your local Wifi to receive the content makes the performance quite appealing.


We waited for a proper software update from Google (the original version wasn’t that smooth) plus Google only recently made the Chromecast manager app available for Australia. This meant we could finally set it up via our Android phone. Install the Chrome extension from here. And the Chrome browser has a new functionality currently in experimental stage that will cast your whole screen to the TV, which definitely makes this a promising (and cheaper) alternative to Apple TV.

Here are a few resources on how to use it. Sadly, some of the apps (like Netflix or Hulu) are still only available if you are of the American persuasion: Google Chromecast Home

Screenshot 2013-11-24 17.19.54

So next time you come visit us at Reactive Sydney, you can expect to enter the future.


Reactive teams up with Converse and Google+

Creative Social invited its global members to join the Converse and Google+ ‘Hack A Chuck’ competition. And we at Reactive together with our friends at Toby and Pete have taken up the challenge.

The world’s first Google Hangout Shootathon is going down in a couple of hours at the Die Hard Paintball Range in Sydney. We call it “Chuck a Chuck” (named after the most dangerous man on the internet). And you can watch the results on Google+ in a week when we need your votes to win the whole damn thing. Wish us luck, hopefully it’s going to be quite a blast.

Reactive and Toby&Pete's fierce paintball session

Reactive and Toby&Pete’s fierce paintball session

Below is a little photo update from the shoot this morning. The full doco rolls out on Monday on Google+

ChuckAChuck03 ChuckAChuck04 ChuckAChuck05  ChuckAChuck00 ChuckAChuck01

Talk at NEWTup with Tom Uglow

Anyone who happens to be in Sydney, here is an invite to a gig I will be speaking at in 2 weeks time. Web Directions / NEWTup have invited Tom Uglow, Creative Director of Google Creative Labs and myself to speak on Wed Nov 21, 6 – 9 pm.

Tom Uglow: Putting digital at the start of the creative process

Tim Buesing: Does Siri make my gestures tapworthy?

So my topic is about the multitude of user interfaces that have matured in recent months: touch, voice, gesture all holding a significant share in how customers access the web, content and advertising. I’ll be exploring what this means for creative ideas and their execution.
More details on this free (including drinks) event and RSVP can be done here: http://newtupnov2012.eventbrite.com
While NEWTup (NEWT = New Exciting Web Technologies) is normally pretty developer focussed, this event is appealing to the wider (digital) creative scene.
And Tom is a killer presenter, so I can only hope to not fall off a cliff in comparison.
See Tom’s previous talk here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvE8wsj5DE8

Splendour in the Grass and on YouTube

This Sunday afternoon from 4pm onwards Splendour in The Grass will be running as a free live stream in the masthead on YouTube’s homepage as well as on Virgin Mobile’s channel. This is a first for paid media in our region so everyone here at Mojo is properly chuffed about getting this up.

YouTube masthead with Splendour in the Grass

YouTube masthead with Splendour in the Grass

Many people here including our partner agencies and Google have been working hard to make this happen. If you do live in the right region please enjoy the free stream of a pretty good line up consisting of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Cloud Control, Elbow, Vaccines and The Vines.

Even better, if you happen to be mucking around at Splendour itself, or know someone that is and/or have a Twitter or Instagram account, please participate with the hashtags #splendour, #splendourlive or #SITG . All tweets will be picked up and displayed underneath the videostream. And some of the Instagram shots might end up in The Vaccines new crowdsourced music video.

Splendour Live Stream Party

Splendour Live Stream Party

There are also live streaming parties running in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne this Sunday, so come on down to the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi or the Bimbo DeLuxe in Fitzroy from 4pm on Sunday and enjoy the festival atmosphere without the mud!