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Data as a living source of inspiration and innovation

We got some great news coming from the upcoming AdTech data summit at The Hilton. A joint Publicis team consisting of Aaron Michie (Zenith Optimedia), Phil Zohrab (Peformics) and myself (Mojo) have submitted a paper which looks like it will be part of the event on July 18. Given there were a solid 100 submission, we are quite chuffed.
In short we want to present ways of making data an inspirational part of the creative process as well as be the well-known source for real-time optimisation. After all, AdTech’s mantra for the day is to “help marketers combine the art of creativity with the science of numbers to help drive insight and business results.”

More details soon.

And here is a summary of what we submitted:


Data-driven culture as a living source of efficiency, inspiration and innovation

There’s a wealth of data available to create more effective and interesting ways to engage consumers, but most agencies don’t have the data-driven culture baked in, tending to see data as something foreign or a one-off optimisation point, rather than a driver of ideas or a real time pillar of a campaign.

Media agencies carry this data-gene but often struggle using it creatively, or when working with creative agencies (and clients) on ideas that come from data, or require constant data inputs to work. This means all too often the ambitious goals get left behind and creative and performance media go their separate ways.

This session will explore the ways we can foster a better data culture between agencies and look at
data as a living input, a real time efficiency tool and a forward facing source of creativity; rather than just a retrospective, separated set of numbers that tell us if things worked. We’ll examine some great pieces of data driven work and suggest some ways we can all make data an exciting part of how we plan, create, deliver and optimise our work.


image by WalkingSF

image by WalkingSF

Here are AdTech’s two content streams for the day, better book a seat now!


  • Data Analytics & Visualisation
  • Media Attribution
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Single Customer View
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Building a Data Driven Culture
  • Legislation & Privacy


  • Real Time Bidding/ Advertising
  • Demands Side Platforms
  • Ad Exchanges
  • Data trading
  • Contextual targeting
  • Advertising technology infrastructure
  • Media Optimisation
  • Big Data

Surfacing digital in physical: summary of Creative Social

Yesterday’s Creative Social talk by Dan Hill saw a good turnout and a very lively debate; When there is so many talented and smart people in one room, one shouldn’t be wary of digital creativity in Australia. I post Dan’s presentation here in combination with a short run-through interview-thingy I did with Dan beforehand. After 17 minutes we started talking about how his work at Arup is shaping up and what Australian developers and politicians are doing in the field of using digital for triple-bottom-line sustainability (economic, social and environmental).


Obviously Dan’s slides make more sense when you have been a participant of the evening. You can listen to the MP3 of our chat by opening this MP3 page in a separate tab: https://archive.org/details/DanHill_at_CreativeSocial

Then click your way through the PDF accordingly. Dan is mainly following his slides from the presentation as he speaks.

Links to sites and videos (in regards to the slide numbers):

04 City of Sound
21 Traffic visualization in Madrid
21 Bicycle tracking in Barcelona
22 Bicycle tracking in Paris
23 Taxi tracking in LA
26 Zurich trains map mashup
27 Helsinki city transport in real time
28 Cisco sponsored wired bus
29 The Living (architecture) in NYC
30 Mapping excitement of pedestrians on a London map
34 City of Sound: visualizing energy use in houses
36 Helsinki: visualizing emissions via laser projection
37 Stamen: Visualizing data in SF train station
40 MIT Tinkerbell: way finding via lights
44 City of Sound: expressive facades
51 Daisy: robotic flower
63 World maps based on internet acitivity and access density
68 Tactical sound garden: leave sound traces

Again, apologies for making you, the user combine audio, slides and links on the fly. I hope non-participants still find it useful.

Audio file of my chat with Dan Hill:
Surfacing Digital in Physical – how data is changing our streets and cities‘ (MP3)

I also captured some reactions from the creatives present, namely Tim (EuroRSCG), Paul (White Agency) and Ben (Host).

Audio file of Creative Social: reactions and comments to Dan Hill’s talk on ‘Digital in Physical‘ (MP3)