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Meeting Social Media Celebrities

Outside our quality local pub, the KB on Foveaux, I met (or better: saw) the girl who does CommunityChannel on YouTube. It was weird,  having watched a few of her hugely popular videos and, as she passed by, all I could think of: There goes “CommunityChannel“?

I mean, I am pretty sure she has a real name but to most of her 717,026 subscribers she might be “CommunityChannel” or “Miss CC” for all I know. OK, I realize I am sooo behind and have now checked and paid a bit of attention – her real name is Natalie Tran and she has her own Wikipedia article.

Anyway, props to her for producing this great series of entertaining videos and racking up 267,717,726 views at the age of 24. Her trajectory reminds me of Dave King‘s idea of starting a “Social Media Stars” agency – or as he put it, “those people out there with an audience and a bunch of distribution mechanisms already built-in”. I wonder how far that scene has progressed.

Photo of Natalie Tran

Natalie Tran

Nat might have a proper agent or she may not. Anyone worked with her already? Or have you met any interesting social media celebs lately? And with that I don’t mean gurus who expressly “practice social media” instead of just doing interesting things.


Sharpie gets opportunity to sponsor consumer art

This is a short follow up to my post on the Post-It note Jaguar and how 3M ripped off the idea without engaging the previous social media originator. Sharpie: whatever you have in mind regarding “effective marketing spend in bad times”, don’t muck this up by stealing the idea 1:1!

Charlie Kretzer's basement (watch 360 QTVR)

Charlie Kretzer

This is a story about a 50-year old American lawyer in Kentucky, Charlie Kratzer decorating his basement walls with amazing wall drawings, using only $10 worth of pens (ok, that sum might be underestimated for catchy headline purposes). Sharpie art happens every day, all the time in any art college or on any given doodle notepad. But this is just a very good, un-commissioned example of someone going out of their way because they like using the product.

I think Charlie might professionally be well equipped to battle it out legally, if Sharpie did hop on this story without involving him. But hopefully they see the valueof getting him onboard beforehand and start a Sharpie-up-your-wall fad (am claiming copyright for the tag line right here)!

That would definitely beat paying David Beckham gazillions to pose sucking on a pen. Especially if all you can announce is a “Stay tuned as Sharpie and David Beckham launch exciting new promotions.” Oh please….

NAB: It is an opportunity

Last night I was judging on the latest round of Creative Showcase submissions. Since on this particular night I suspect there were mostly judges on the sites, I cannot help but thinking that UGC always brings out the best in us. Please note the cloud at the right top.

I can feel the opportunity coming on

I can feel the opportunity coming on

I really like the concept (go to the “NAB community” website here), and I am sure NAB can chuckle about this (right?), and I am wondering what other ways (image recognition, manual screening, user flagging, NASA tools) one could use to automate the decency/brand fit of what goes on. Any ideas?

Added information:
I testify I was NOT involved in that doodle except for taking a screenshot. And if I did feel the urge for male genital depiction, I would go to Poke’s awesome Cock-A-Doodle .

Added information 2:
I now understand that the app erases all graphics after a certain amount of time.