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Everything is a Remix

Last week I had the pleasure of listening to and chatting with Kirby Ferguson, filmmaker and author of the 4-parts “Everything Is A Remix“.

Kirby also appeared as a TED speaker on the subject with his talk ‘Embrace the Remix‘.

Kirby talked about his analysis of creative work, which falls into three categories of either copying, transforming or recombining existing elements. Many legends of music like Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin more or less admit to using existing songs and melodies in their work. It’s how they learned to find their own style. Stand up comedian Richard Pryor taxed the time it took him to find his own voice to about 30 years. Similarly scientific break throughs aren’t leaps of imagination but often a transformation or recombination of previous knowledge and tools. Kirby took Henry Ford as the example of combining conveyor belt and other elements of mass production and deploying it for the automobile (which he didn’t invent).

What resonated with me was that seemingly original ideas often reveal their influences, and that it is ok to work like that. If we can admit that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, we can relax and keep inventing by copying parts, transforming and recombining them. But preferably avoid the pure copying. I think too often discussions in advertising are about the copying bit (in the sense of plagiarism) and used as a sledgehammer to cristicise and put down any transformative and re-combinatory (if that’s a word) aspect of the idea.

When I caught up with Kirby afterwards he freely talked about the influences on his work like the CBC documentary ‘RIP – A Remix Manifesto‘, ‘This American Life‘ or work by BBC’s Adam Curtis.

Me and Kirby Ferguson

Kirby’s talk was organised by the resourceful guys from Portable as part of their Portable Talk series. I have already signed up for their next event with one of the makers behind ‘LookBook.nu’, Yuri Lee.

In case you haven’t noticed this site yet, it must be one of the most influential in terms of online fashion and (what they call) ‘Collective Fashion Consciousness’. Think of it as a ‘Sartorialist’ times 1,000. Book your front row seat here.


ModelFeed: Peek into the Lives of the Beautiful and the Thin

Some interesting sites have launched in Australia that use and intertwine with content sharing spaces (such as flickr and Youtube).BannerBlog covered HOST’s “Home Sweet As”, Soap’s Activision work and our own “content hub” for Queensland’s Finest XXXX. The latest addition is ModelFeed which promises to be a content haven for luxury, fashion and lifestyle brand adorers…oh, and for the tiny minority of people who like to look at the “regular lives” of beautiful models.

Created by Ex-Saatchi duo Tim Brown and Pete Buckley Disciple and Dave King from The Royals, it aggregates from tagged Vimeo videos, has a stark art direction (with some contrast kinks…my eyes are too old for this shit) and some cute glimpses into the lives of some of Australia’s top models like Pania, Sarah and Catherine of Victoria Secret’s fame. Hey, I already sound like I hang out with them (which I do of course). More infos on the fashionista involved on Frockwriter (ignore the Dave King mix up).

It is interesting to see that an Australian endeavour is countering Ford Model’s savvy online marketing with activities such as FordModels.TV.

As Dave puts it it is  “recent-times luxury brands getting in front of an aspirational audience (girls 13-28), a platform for the promotion of models that helps them have conversations with their loyal followers. And yes, it is a source of hot new talent as well as existing talent on the rise.” 

Modelfeed presenting advertorials or having some sort of product placement wouldn’t be too far down the line I’d say. Now, who’s your favourite feed?