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Write For Rights at Reactive

Amnesty International has launched ‘Write For Rights‘, a site with the aim to support 11 individuals that are targeted by their government though they have committed no crime. You can pledge to write a letter of support, sign up for a ‘Write’ get-together or volunteer to host such an event yourself. Reactive Sydney,  which created the website, will host a ‘Write for Rights’ BBQ this Thursday evening in Surry Hills. You can help – by dropping in and just writing a letter, putting the spotlight where it’s needed most.

Write For Rights @ Reactive
Thursday Dec 6, 6:00 pm
Level 1, 490 Crown Street
Surry Hills

Write for Rights at Reactive

Here is a documentary of last year’s worldwide efforts:


Why Sydney should be more like Helsinki

I just took part in a quick-thinking, improvisational speaking training at Amnesia Razorfish. Ben Hourahine ran the group through some challenging performances, done in ‘Pecha Kucha‘ style.

Coincidentally, I will speak in a similar style next week Wednesday, albeit to a paying audience. As part of Ignite 9 I will try to convince the crowd at Oxford Art Factory that ‘Sydney should be more like Helsinki’. Given Sydneysiders don’t really like their city, it will be fairly easy to persuade them.  Hyvää Suomi! (Go Finland).

Helsinki seen from Suomenlinna

If you feel like heckling (or supporting) me, you can still get a few tickets for $ 11 here: http://ignitesydney9.eventbrite.com.au

All profits are going to OzHarvest so you can make fun of me and do something good at the same time. Have a look at some of the past performances here on Ignite’s YouTube channel including Ash Ringrose (from Soap Creative).

Splendour in the Grass and on YouTube

This Sunday afternoon from 4pm onwards Splendour in The Grass will be running as a free live stream in the masthead on YouTube’s homepage as well as on Virgin Mobile’s channel. This is a first for paid media in our region so everyone here at Mojo is properly chuffed about getting this up.

YouTube masthead with Splendour in the Grass

YouTube masthead with Splendour in the Grass

Many people here including our partner agencies and Google have been working hard to make this happen. If you do live in the right region please enjoy the free stream of a pretty good line up consisting of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Cloud Control, Elbow, Vaccines and The Vines.

Even better, if you happen to be mucking around at Splendour itself, or know someone that is and/or have a Twitter or Instagram account, please participate with the hashtags #splendour, #splendourlive or #SITG . All tweets will be picked up and displayed underneath the videostream. And some of the Instagram shots might end up in The Vaccines new crowdsourced music video.

Splendour Live Stream Party

Splendour Live Stream Party

There are also live streaming parties running in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne this Sunday, so come on down to the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi or the Bimbo DeLuxe in Fitzroy from 4pm on Sunday and enjoy the festival atmosphere without the mud!

Ashley Ringrose looks back into the future

What a treasure: Ash from Soap explains social media…in 2006. Everything is still true, so I am not giggling about what he says. It’s more the cyber-tacky intro animation, the interviewer’s vocabulary (“Life caching is taking off in the US!”), and most of all the fact that we have been talking about the same things for 5 years.

Bollywoodification – get a new profile pic for the Delhi Games

In the lead up to the Commonwealth Games 2010, our friends over at SOAP have created this (very manual) facebook app called “Delhi Yourself” to promote Foxtel’s coverage (Follow The Games). Essentially you let them access your profile picture and one single illustrator, Harsha Nagaraju turns it into a hand drawn portrait, complete with Bollywood-type personal name and some Foxtel branding.

I 100% love the idea of individual results for every single user. And who doesn’t have a soft spot for a hand drawn portrait? While I could handle a lengthy wait till the profile picture was available, the delivery just felt a bit left to chance (no notification). Many fan posts on the page display the same confusion (where and when to get the pic). And unfortunately, despite me liking this “Delhi Yourself” app as an idea, I find the picture itself doesn’t contain any likeness.

Bollywood Tim

Bollywood Tim

Here is my original facebook profile picture that Harsha worked from.

Tim on facebook

Tim on facebook

Even though the creative drawing effort was performed by an authentic illustrator-posse (in India I assume) it doesn’t feel very Delhi – why not?

Mr Pink in Bollywood

Mr Pink in Bollywood

I could definitely need some tigers to spice my picture up a bit. Or should I be grateful I don’t look like Mr. Pink?

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