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Best of VIVID Lights


Sydney’s VIVID Light is drawing to a close, but you still have a chance to experience some of the fascinating interactive light installations created by international artists. Have a look at a video of the opening night.

I was honoured to curate a Best Of VIVID Light for TimeOut magazine which you can read here. The ‘Screaming Rapture’ proves to be a real crowd pleaser as it is supereasy to engage with and rewards your participation immediately.


We at Mojo are especially excited that MPU ‘Snake The Planet’ (which we documented in collaboration with Finch) is part of the selection. The guys from MPU have upped the ante and managed to add an iPad app to the game. You can download it for free in the app store here.

So go on, stroll through the night and play a game of Snake on various buildings in The Rocks, including the MCA. But hurry, all light installations end on June 11.


Data as a living source of inspiration and innovation

We got some great news coming from the upcoming AdTech data summit at The Hilton. A joint Publicis team consisting of Aaron Michie (Zenith Optimedia), Phil Zohrab (Peformics) and myself (Mojo) have submitted a paper which looks like it will be part of the event on July 18. Given there were a solid 100 submission, we are quite chuffed.
In short we want to present ways of making data an inspirational part of the creative process as well as be the well-known source for real-time optimisation. After all, AdTech’s mantra for the day is to “help marketers combine the art of creativity with the science of numbers to help drive insight and business results.”

More details soon.

And here is a summary of what we submitted:


Data-driven culture as a living source of efficiency, inspiration and innovation

There’s a wealth of data available to create more effective and interesting ways to engage consumers, but most agencies don’t have the data-driven culture baked in, tending to see data as something foreign or a one-off optimisation point, rather than a driver of ideas or a real time pillar of a campaign.

Media agencies carry this data-gene but often struggle using it creatively, or when working with creative agencies (and clients) on ideas that come from data, or require constant data inputs to work. This means all too often the ambitious goals get left behind and creative and performance media go their separate ways.

This session will explore the ways we can foster a better data culture between agencies and look at
data as a living input, a real time efficiency tool and a forward facing source of creativity; rather than just a retrospective, separated set of numbers that tell us if things worked. We’ll examine some great pieces of data driven work and suggest some ways we can all make data an exciting part of how we plan, create, deliver and optimise our work.


image by WalkingSF

image by WalkingSF

Here are AdTech’s two content streams for the day, better book a seat now!


  • Data Analytics & Visualisation
  • Media Attribution
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Single Customer View
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Building a Data Driven Culture
  • Legislation & Privacy


  • Real Time Bidding/ Advertising
  • Demands Side Platforms
  • Ad Exchanges
  • Data trading
  • Contextual targeting
  • Advertising technology infrastructure
  • Media Optimisation
  • Big Data

Let the Games begin

I first posted this on our Publicis Digital blog. It was a follow up to a joint Mojo & Zenith Optimedia session on ‘Understanding gamers and great games’ and is a pretty well-curated group of game trailers, courtesy of my colleague Nat Jones. A collection of videos that have in the past and recently stirred gamers’ hearts and minds.

First up, the big one, the Mac Daddy of ego-shooter games, ‘Call of Duty’ in its new iteration Black Ops 2 has aficionados fumbling for their wallets.

Limbo is one of the most atmospheric, monochromatic and unusual jump and run adventures of recent times.

Even more challenging in terms of navigation is ‘The Unfinished Swan’ in which paint splatters that you need to throw in front of you, lead the way.

Journey lets users start a mission to reach a mountain top with the help of co-players. The clou: all you can communicate with is a single sound. Morse code anyone?

Even if you don’t know who or what Rayman is, the Origins edition makes for entertaining viewing.

In Gamers’ talk ‘Fez’ is a ‘platformer’ in which you need to figure how to get across structures and buildings. The game is reminiscent of classic 8-Bit arcade games, albeit in a warped version.

OK, as a last treat, this is a big step into fantasy game nerds’ territory. But if you have ever heard of the 1980’s craze ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ you will appreciate the jokes, played out by characters from the ‘Summoner’ game.

Global Australian of the Year Award

Last night saw the Inaugural Global Australian of the Year Award, hosted at Sydney Town Hall and  initiated and organised by Advance. As per Advance’s own definition, it is “a community of global Australians who are able to make a difference for Australians, Australian companies and Australia around the globe. We believe Australian talent is one of our greatest exports and resources.”

See the nicely decorated venue below and spot the visual identity of two overlapping ripples, created by Pim Van Nunen at Publicis Mojo, proud  supporters of Advance.

Advance at Town Hall

Advance at Town Hall

It was indeed a humbling experience to see so many highly successful and at the same time giving and community-minded Australians up on stage. Many of the prize winners had foreign-born parents, some of which proudly accepted the prizes on behalf of their children working overseas. No surprise for such a young and immigration-oriented country, their backgrounds ranged from Holland, Denmark and Germany to Vietnam and Malaysia. See their new website and winners here.

Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman

Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman

Jeremy Heimans

Jeremy Heimans

The new Advance logo on an idea bulb

The new Advance logo on an 'idea bulb'

My talk on ‘Fragmented Storytelling’, told via Storify

I will be speaking at Sydney’s AdTech 2012 on “Fragmented Storytelling In An Evolving Media Environment” (today 11am). My co-panelist is Jeff Julian, a great production designer who among other films has worked on Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’. I thought it might be a cool idea to document the evolution of my own talk here:


Storify is a tool that has been around which is kind of like a curated friendfeed. You select and pull together whatever helps you tell your story. It is probably more suited to non-fiction than fictional stories but I haven’t researched into the latter ones.

Have a look and if you are interested, drop me a comment or reference link afterwards. And I hope to see you at AdTech in a few hours!