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Splendour in the Grass and on YouTube

This Sunday afternoon from 4pm onwards Splendour in The Grass will be running as a free live stream in the masthead on YouTube’s homepage as well as on Virgin Mobile’s channel. This is a first for paid media in our region so everyone here at Mojo is properly chuffed about getting this up.

YouTube masthead with Splendour in the Grass

YouTube masthead with Splendour in the Grass

Many people here including our partner agencies and Google have been working hard to make this happen. If you do live in the right region please enjoy the free stream of a pretty good line up consisting of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Cloud Control, Elbow, Vaccines and The Vines.

Even better, if you happen to be mucking around at Splendour itself, or know someone that is and/or have a Twitter or Instagram account, please participate with the hashtags #splendour, #splendourlive or #SITG . All tweets will be picked up and displayed underneath the videostream. And some of the Instagram shots might end up in The Vaccines new crowdsourced music video.

Splendour Live Stream Party

Splendour Live Stream Party

There are also live streaming parties running in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne this Sunday, so come on down to the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi or the Bimbo DeLuxe in Fitzroy from 4pm on Sunday and enjoy the festival atmosphere without the mud!


Save friendships – hyper target your facebook updates

I sometimes I feel like a semi-professional Facebook updater (mostl of the posts for Holler), sometimes I feel like an amateur. I have been posting things that were relevant to some friends and bordering on spam for others. As an expat I find it even more difficult to judge whether both my social circles can find common ground beyond web memes and global politics. And what language should they be written in? What do a former German school mate and a current Australian colleague have in common? I reckon not a whole lot, except knowing me. I suspect many have already hidden me because of lacking relevance to their lives.

But help exists in the shape of limiting the visibility of updates. I had known about the feature but not used it much. So when I stumbled upon Crystal Castles and wanted to share their tour dates (the band is bypassing Down Under as many international acts do) I chose to hyper-target the update. Written in German and only visible to those Berlin-based friends I considered to be into Crystal Castles style of music.

Crystal Castles facebook update

If you want to be this flexible, the posting procedure gets a bit silly (or maybe I have overlooked a more convenient way). See below the two parallel windows that allow selecting relevant names/friends.

Selective updates

But to keep the value of facebook up, I fear I must not only do selective reading but also practice considered sharing. Or else I might get paid out by friends in Pringles latest social content campaign “Help the Oversharers“.

ModelFeed: Peek into the Lives of the Beautiful and the Thin

Some interesting sites have launched in Australia that use and intertwine with content sharing spaces (such as flickr and Youtube).BannerBlog covered HOST’s “Home Sweet As”, Soap’s Activision work and our own “content hub” for Queensland’s Finest XXXX. The latest addition is ModelFeed which promises to be a content haven for luxury, fashion and lifestyle brand adorers…oh, and for the tiny minority of people who like to look at the “regular lives” of beautiful models.

Created by Ex-Saatchi duo Tim Brown and Pete Buckley Disciple and Dave King from The Royals, it aggregates from tagged Vimeo videos, has a stark art direction (with some contrast kinks…my eyes are too old for this shit) and some cute glimpses into the lives of some of Australia’s top models like Pania, Sarah and Catherine of Victoria Secret’s fame. Hey, I already sound like I hang out with them (which I do of course). More infos on the fashionista involved on Frockwriter (ignore the Dave King mix up).

It is interesting to see that an Australian endeavour is countering Ford Model’s savvy online marketing with activities such as FordModels.TV.

As Dave puts it it is  “recent-times luxury brands getting in front of an aspirational audience (girls 13-28), a platform for the promotion of models that helps them have conversations with their loyal followers. And yes, it is a source of hot new talent as well as existing talent on the rise.” 

Modelfeed presenting advertorials or having some sort of product placement wouldn’t be too far down the line I’d say. Now, who’s your favourite feed?

Stop the Pre! Do the Post! The moderation issue in social media campaigns

This post continues my glance at NAB’s opportunity drawings. Coming from tonight’s Creative Showcase presentation I took home a good dose of moderation-mantra: Stop the Pre! Do the Post! Move your online campaigning from pre- to post-moderation. Amnesia’s Iain McDonald presented Smirnoff Experience’s Secret Party campaign which proves the value of guiding rather than controlling a campaign from within a social network (in this instance a facebook group).

the blog

the blog

Potential party goers went into the group with an expectation of instant interactivity, free commenting and constant replies, and were served accordingly by the brand and their peers. GPS gaming, videos and social interactions were all tightly interwoven. All the while, users were behaving responsibly, and dealing with eachother in appropriate ways. Successful ticket hunters were proudly showing off their trophies and one example of self moderation included the online crowd petitioning ebay to take down (unfair?) party ticket auctions.

showing off the tickets

showing off the tickets

To me the evidence is clear that offering a social group interesting stuff always needs a post moderation approach (of comments, posts, interactions) to be successful. It is something we have approached similarly on Toohey’s For The Love Of Beer campaign.

can has scribble

can has scribble

I reckon it is something that instinctively everyone (even a lawyer) knows: write something, see your own post, respond to banter, pass it on… all of this relies on instant gratification to be rewarding and keep momentum. Users see it happen and work beautifully on most of the web, on a daily basis and especially in social networks. So they don’t tolerate legal bottlenecks and content wormholes. Who would seriously and continuously bother if every contribution goes into moderation first?