Björn Borg seduces from brand to retail

I recently visited FarFar’s BB – The Break Up and was well entertained – despite a horrenduously long download for what was essentially a bit of yes/no video interaction. The free global SMS send out was also a nice treat – my wife thought it was hilarious.

BB BreakUp

BB BreakUp

Now a week later I received the follow up in the shape of a slightly second-class retaily email. Two thoughts: why is the email model not as superbly photographed – would I think their ware is overpriced if she was? Why is there no mention of the Break Up and the entertaining time I had had there? 

BB retail email

BB retail email

Those two tie-ins wouldn’t have been too hard to produce (one set – one model) and some sweet copy reference surely would have seduced me into checking out the range – if I was of the colorfully-inclined that is.


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