Add a motor to it – on YouTube

I spent an interesting lunch at the IAB Creative Showcase where the last quarter’s winners explained their work. For me The Monkeys ‘Put a Motor To It’ for coffe milk drink ‘Ice Break’ stood out. The campaign documented people adding engines to all kinds of unusual devices – think ‘Top Gear’ meets ‘Mythbusters’. Here is the Ice Break YT channel and below is the campaign’s case study:

As Ben Cooper from The Monkeys explained, the staggered release of videos over 7 weeks allowed the agency (to a small degree) to creatively react to the audience’s viewing behaviour and also integrate fans into the edits. Professional seeding, careful uploading (naming, descriptions, inter linking, meta data etc) and special attention to the inner circle of brand adorers/ambassadors were key. Paid media (e.g. featured video on YouTube’s homepage) actually kicked in only later and formed a second stage.
Other experts like Josh Spears of Undercurrent favour an immediate release of all material. After all, the user doesn’t ‘have all minute’ and probably won’t return to your channel anyway.

In any case, The Monkeys definitely succeeded in bringing a brand that previously aired the same TVC for 9 years in a row to take a leap into the wild world of online video and content.


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