Is President Obama’s Dashboard the ‘holy grail’ ?

There is much talk about President Obama’s re-election efforts marking a new pinacle of digital marketing. He has wowed the world with his original success of almagamating thousands of online supporters and donors in 2008. Now his team is on the verge of releasing a new milestone in digital grassroots marketing. Simply called ‘Dashboard’ it is the work of statisticians, predictive modellers, data mining experts, mathematicians, software engineers, bloggers and internet advertising experts.

All this was made for the organisers to have a real-time master view of the effect their campaign has. And to predict where more effort is needed and where they can relax. It makes it easier for local organisers to tap into an existing supporter base and it even contains competitive elements (gamification anyone?) to compel supporters to outdo each other. No wonder then that this American election is being called the ‘Facebook vote’ or the ‘data election’. Check out and register for a test run here.


This ‘dashboard’ makes me draw parallels to software like ‘Spotify’ that can predict a better tour schedule for up-and-coming bands, based on the listening history of fans using the streaming service. And the truth is, the better you can predict how your messaging reverberates and model your efforts accordingly, the more success you will have.

In politics as well as advertising.



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