Creative Social Sydney: Obama turns Pulp Fiction

Sydney’s Creative Social opened the floor and mic for the latest (and greatest?) from all willing participants. It was definitely cool to see what’s cooking or what has just been released by all the hard working creatives. Russ from Tequila covered his Save Miguel campaign and sneakily handed out Portuguese bottle corks – which become quite a nice toy to fiddle around with. In ten years, when screw-on caps have eradicated these critters completely, I’ ll score big on ebay. 

Original Save Miguel cork

Original Save Miguel cork

Tom from Lowe showed his Tree People, a digitally-led (alas!) campaign which was a timely reminder that not all successful, long-term engagements have to involve the social-glue-meisters from facebook or MySpace.

Ash rightfully lamented the never-ending, guilt-laden path towards updating one’s own agency’s website/portfolio/show reel. Who are we then to judge clients for dragging their feet in updating content? Holler’s way of throwing screenshots up on a flickr group & facebook page is definitely quick (if not glamourous).

I enjoyed Kim‘s FreeYourSkin for Movember sponsor Schick. Their face engine was awesome and made dressing up Barrack Obama with a biker ‘tache good fun. Check his Samuel Jackson-esque mad grin in the gallery – quite a Pulp Fiction experience. “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who don’t want CHANGE!”

Obama does the Samuel L. Jackson

Obama does the Samuel L. Jackson

I’d be so keen to use this tool for my own virtual participation in this coming Movember, I just cannot convince the missus that sporting real lip spinach is a good idea – despite the worthy cause.


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